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We want to keep your pet as safe as you do!

With the Leash Keeper your hands can be free again!

You will love the Leash Keeper!

One of the greatest things to come along to pet owners is the retractable leash, but nothing is perfect! Retractable leashes can be pulled out of your hand and if you need both hands to open a door or tie your shoes they are almost impossible. 

The Leash Keeper

The Leash Keeper is a universal way to help you with your pet. It fits ALL leashes retractable or not. With the Leash Keeper®  you do not need to worry about your pet pulling the leash out of your hand and it frees up both hands to do anything you need to.

COMING SOON to retailers near you! NOW available on Amazon!
Any color just $3.99.

Soon enough you will be able to find the Leash Keeper at major retailers like; Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, PetSmart, PetCo, Dr. Fosters, FrontGate, Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Edge, wag.com and others.

Please be careful, with the Leash Keeperon, if your dog runs out of control you may be jerked causing injury.

Please pick your color or colors when ordering.

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If you have any questions please contact us.

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See how the Leash Keeper® works.

The Leash Keeper Story

How did this idea come about? Well, after realizing many dreams, and even more disappointments, I found myself living on the streets and eating out of trash cans. As I picked myself up I was lucky enough to come across a kennel Angelic Tails Kennel” in Oxford MI who has two terrific owners that hired me. So I found myself working at a Doggie Day Care and Dog Rescue. One day, as I was walking one of the dogs, when he suddenly spotted a squirrel and jerked the retractable leash right out of my hand! Lucky for me (and my employment status), the dog did not run off down the street with the leash dragging behind him! That was the day that I decided to design a better and safer way to walk dogs. And the Leash Keeper
was born. Now I use it all the time.

In gratitude a portion of profits go to support Angelic Tails and its rescues and other needy organizations.

In the near future there will be additional types of Leash Keepers™ so please join me on Facebook and the Leash Keeper website as different types come out.

Thank you again and please share with your friends the Leash Keeper™


For wholesale pricing please contact us.

We are very grateful for the; Stores, Veterinary Offices, Grooming Salons, and even Pet Rescues that have contacted us to retail and use the Leash Keeper™.

The Leash Keeper is a product of Cottage Products LLC.
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